What If I Want Them Online


What are the stores in Japan known as?

This is one of the goes to words of people in Japan, whenever they want to go inside the shop there will always refer the shop as the Konbini. These is pretty normal for them or you can say in their language now.

Are clothes cheaper in Japan?

Yes, this is a fact. The clothes when bought in Japan are relatively much cheaper than their actual cost even if they are in your country. You will find them really expensive unless you go buy them from japanese stores in melbourne.

Where should I shop If I visit japan

If you visit Japan, there are plenty of places where you should be. And one of the famous ones are the Japan stores. The stores have the food, the clothing, the games, the toys an what not. Make sure you know you budget before entering in the japan store. You can buy anything from there since it will be in your budget as Japan is really inexpensive. 

What if I want them online?

There are a lot of websites who are working for the Japan stores and they ship the deliveries. These are the sellers that buy the good form Japan themselves and then with profit they sell them on social media who don’t have access to the Japan. It’s just like ordering things from Japan stores online.

What is the procedure to buy from Japan stores?

This is for the people who live abroad and can’t make it to Japan, the sellers are online they note down the orders of the respective client and get the money in advance. This is when they do the shopping from the Japan stores and then, they send it out with the help-of some personal details shared to the sellers of the Japan stores such as the name, number and address. Followed by the procedure where the rider will make sure that the parcel is delivered to you through shipping method.

What else can I buy online

You can look for Korean cosmetics online, these are the cosmetics that can never compete the others since this has an important element, named the snails mucus. And their skin products have said to be working really well. The Korean cosmetics are famous and they bring about the desired results.

Learn to know the authenticity

First of all, before making any sort of order online just as the Korean cosmetics online or the japan stores. Make sure that you hold enough information and authenticity of the seller that they won’t scam you. Do not pay the whole amount at once but at bits and chunks, or half in advance.