Pros And Cons Of Running The Car On LPG


With the growing fuel problems, car owners have started looking for better, effective, and life-saving choices. One of the popular solutions is the conversion of the petrol-based car into the LPG car. The term LPG stands for Liquid Petroleum Gas. If you are thinking of converting your car, then make sure that you know all the good and bad implications.


  1. There is little to worry about the expenses. When it comes to the cost, the LPG conversion will make things economical for you. LPG is not as expensive as petrol. You can get double the amount of the LPG in the amount you usually pay against the petrol filling.
  2. If you are an eco-lover, you are getting the vehicle driving on the road in a greener and safer way by switching to LPG. The car emissions are 20% less than it is in case of the petrol. Thus, you can save more by using LPG in the cars.
  3. After being converted on the LPG, the engine life increases. The original fuel and the LPG fuel can run side by side in the car at the half ratio. If you are feeding the car with little petrol, then you will expect limited wearing and tearing. Thus, there is little need to go for service stations like the Shepparton automotive services. The fuel efficiency can let you enjoy a lot of bucks that you were using on the fuels.


  1. LPG conversion can be really expensive. There is a great deal of saving waiting for you, but the initial conversion is pretty expensive and costs you precious bucks.
  2. After getting the LPG, you will pay farewell to the existing system in your car. The installation requires a completely new system comprising of the fuel tank in the foot area. This means the interior space is going to reduce in the car.
  3. It is important to get your vehicle insured before the conversion. If you already have insurance, you can be in a complex situation as it will need some amendments. Sometimes you have to find a new insurer as the existing one may not cover the LPG vehicles.

These are just a few aspects that you need to take into account before getting the LPG system for your car. For a better suggestion you must visit the service providers like the Shepparton automotive services to ensure a smooth running vehicle on the road.