Online Counselling: The Key To A Better Living

online counselling therapy

Defining Online Counselling

It is crystal clear that at some point in our lives, we all deep down yearn for connection and true intimacy yet to reach the core of that is buried under emotions, anger, resentment and fear. To such extent that we do not even see a clear path to simple communication with someone who can understand us without judging and it seems to be sometimes easier to open up to a stranger or coach rather than to your own family, friends or partner. So this is what online counselling service is, basically the practice of delivering mental health counselling through the internet to get rid of anxiety and depression. In most cases these services are being offered free of cost as this is what friends do, make us feel better when we are down. Any contact details shared during the whole process is kept highly confidential and is only used to communicate with you with the guarantee that it will never be shared with a third party. In Fact, it is exactly the same as face to face discussion just the difference is that you will be having online counselling therapy session from the privacy of your sweet home.

How it works?

It is also known as e-therapy, distance therapy, internet therapy and web therapy. Everyone can easily access these services by searching on the internet, there are countless coaching companies on web who respond back immediately and provide you with caring and effective support when it is required. Online therapy is a new idea for a lot of people as for example people that love us with all the affection and compassion. They try to make us relax and feel better so now online coaching also bring the same kind of opportunity. The process is really simple as you choose your therapist, book your appointment and receive email regarding it along with secure payment method. You just need a good internet connection and system from which you can communicate easily. 


There are so many benefits of online therapy services as talking to one of the consultants helps to make the person feel better and securely connecting you to your therapist over an encrypted face to face video consultation is economical as well. Moreover, it is easily accessible for everyone. This ensures anonymity and convenience for both therapist and the client. One does not have to travel to an office for therapy so it helps to overcome the barriers and negative vibes associated with it. Talking about someone who is insecure while visiting therapist to their clinics so this is the best way to give them required treatment.