Comparison Between Sydney Swans Shop And Bombers AFL Merchandise

There are some such sports or games which are equally loved by all age groups and all genders. Cricket and football are two such sports that can be said as the favourite of both males and females. Moreover; every age group has a craze about these two sports; be it the child or an adult. As our topic is concerned with football so we will be focusing on football only. It is one of the few sports that are played on international as well as national level. There is a huge craze among people regarding this sport. Almost each country has its own football league in which every once or twice a year different teams of the same country come face to face with each other in the football ground. Football inculcates dedication, ambition and the ability to accept the defeat and victory with equal dignity. There is Australian football league in which multiple numbers of countries from all over the Australia come together to combat against each other in the football ground. In this article; we will be discussing about the comparison between sydney swans shop in melbourne and bomber AFL merchandise.

Sydney swan shop:

Sydney swan is the football team of Australia football league that was established in south Melbourne in the year eighteen seventy four and since then it has been going strong. The logo of this team is of red and white colour with the shape of swan designed in the centre. The Sydney swan team is also known as the bloods because of their fierce attitude. They have the motto of never to give up. If you are a fan of this team or if you want to support it in the ground by wearing the same clothes wear then you can buy it from “Sherrin kangaroo brand”.

Bomber AFL merchandise:

Bomber AFL merchandise is another such team of Australian football league. This team is also known as the Essendon’s. The reason for giving them the term of bombers is because of their extraordinary depiction of performance like the bombs in a football ground. Their sign constitutes of three colours which are red, black and grey. The design of aeroplane is imprinted on the centre of the logo. Whether you are a boy or a girl; a child or an adult; it does not matter as long as you are a fan of a football. You can buy clothes wear or the actual foot ball with the logo of bomber AFL from the “Sherrin kangaroo brand”.


Football is one such passion which equally burns in boys and girls. Each country has it owns football leagues so similarly; there is Australian football league in which different football teams come together to pay in the field. Sydney swans and bomber AFL club can be counted as two such teams out of many others. “Sherrin kangaroo brand” lets you buy anything and everything of Sydney swans shop and bomber AFL merchandise.